Our services

Custom E-commerce web portals

Whether your company provides services or goods, the self-service web portal is always a great instrument to establish long-term relationships with your clients, All of our developers have the necessary domain / eCommerce expertise so you are guaranteed to get the most fitting solution which will increase the profits of your company.

Software for Web2Print Solutions/ Publishing

W2P solutions developed by SoftGan help our customers to automate and optimize all of the publishing processes from the development of catalog templates to the machine translation of materials for publishing.

SPA (Single Page Applications)

SoftGan develops SPA (Single Page Applications) that allow customers to easily navigate and filter content. These applications are placed on a single web page with dynamic actions and the page does not need to be refreshed. SPA interactions can be processed without reaching the server. These applications improve performance by speeding up loading time.

BaaS technology

The SoftGan team is also developing a backend for mobile applications and web platforms. BaaS technology (Backend as a service) allows you to avoid monotonous learning curves, which is typical of the most backend technologies, and concentrate on the most important matters; for example, designing an ultimate UX (User experience). BaaS is a great opportunity to reduce development time and save your company’s budget.


The REST API solutions developed by the SoftGan web team are always independent of the language or type of platform. These solutions allow to you improve scalability, visibility, and reliability. They also completely separate the user interface from the data storage and the server.

End-to-end website development

SoftGan is building websites from scratch (End-to-end), so our customers use their time for solving major business tasks. End-to-end website development by the SoftGan web team includes planning and designing the UI (User interface) and other necessary graphics, developing backend and frontend parts, and also testing, deploying and maintaining the end-products.