Our company will find the right technological solutions and build a software development strategy to increase the productivity of customers’ businesses. The customers that use our IT consulting services will be able to evaluate various technological strategies and align them with their individual business processes. SoftGan supports customer IT initiatives with architectural and operational planning and implementation of their software.

Our IT consulting services:

Analysis of a client’s technical requirements

We collect, analyze and clarify customer specifications, before starting the development of software. At the end the customer will receive exactly what they need, and the final product will be successful.

Estimation of time and cost

The SoftGan consulting team will help the customer with quick and accurate software development project estimation, whether it is launching a startup, entering a new business opportunity or improving business performance.

Business requirements description

SoftGan helps clients who want to develop the software to collect and document the business requirements necessary for their project. Business requirements include the characteristics of the proposed system from the viewpoint of end-user.

Warranty consulting service

We stand by our clients after the product’s release and provide technical support throughout the warranty period. The SoftGan team helps diagnose and detect if any issue has occurred and whether the warranty covers this case for example if there are any bugs in the system. We will work to fix the bugs in the system if it will be necessary for the client.

Service Level Agreement and Post warranty consulting

We sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the customer to provide support in accordance with our post-warranty service. The SLA includes a time frame for eliminating errors found in the software, classifying errors, consulting, testing and reviewing the product.

Who consults you

Business analysts
Consultants of the Presale
Technical and Research and Development specialists