Our services

iOS app development

The SoftGan team creates various solutions for iOS-based gadgets. We have a great amount of expertise in this domain to adapt your apps to fit your business needs.

Android app development

SoftGan’s Android experts develop the high-end solutions for users of this world’s most popular operating system. These apps for smartphones help our customers significantly increase their potential and reach new audiences.

Cross-platform development

Our team creates mobile platforms that can be used on any device with iOS, Android or cross-platform applications installed. SoftGan specialists always check that the application works stably, and the final product increases our customers’ profits.

Application for integration and migration

We help our customers to migrate their products to more modern technologies or from one operating system to another, allowing them to expand their potential audience and increase revenue.

Core Solutions and Domains

Electronic paper (e­Paper) and Media

Mobile applications for news portals developed by SoftGan allow users to create a personal news feed based on their geolocations and individual preferences, etc. We guarantee that your ads are displayed according to the preferences of the target audience and your specific needs.

eCommerce apps

The SoftGan mobile team designs online shops that are useful to end-users. You can easily integrate our eCommerce solutions with the most common payment systems.

Logistics mobile apps

SoftGan develops logistics mobile applications that help our customers to optimize their direction and time tracking processes, allowing them to quickly return all their software investments.

Social networking

We help our clients expand their communities by developing convenient mobile apps like social networks. Organizing your own mobile platform is always a good idea to share interests and ideas with a group of like-minded people, even if you have a community in offline mode or in forums.