SoftGan’s business analysts help our clients to find the technical solutions which allow their business to achieve its goals. Business analysis enables to identify and formulate the essential requirements for product functionality or workflow.

Our services

Domain and business’ processes analysis

The SoftGan’s specialists dive deep into our clients business processes’ to research the specifics of their company’s and find the best solutions for automation and optimization of workflow.

Clear explaining of software requirements details

Our development team uses special techniques to help our clients to combine the complete list of brand-new software to make sure that in the end, they are getting exactly what they will require.

Analysis of requirements

Our experts figure out how the inner processes of the system should work and how the components will be interacting with each other. They help the clients to analyze their precise list of software requirements to suggest technologies and solutions which are correct for their software expectations.


The SoftGan team develops the first prototype to check how the product will perform and agree with a customer what corrections should be implemented to improve it.

Software requirements specification

Our specialists will help clients to develop a Software Requirements Specification by checking them and documenting the requirements with detailed descriptions.

The build of system architecture

SoftGan’s analysts build the system architecture which carries out a deep technical analysis, design modules, and databases.

Consultations at any stage of the development process

The SoftGan team will consult our clients throughout the whole project: from gathering software requirements to the release of the project.

Preparation of detailed instructions (manuals)

The SoftGan specialists provide the clients with specially prepared manuals that include detailed instructions and descriptions about how to use the product.

Core Techniques And Tools

Analysis of Data and process
Modeling of Data and process
Analysis and management of stakeholder
Analysis of risk
Functional and non-functional requirements analysis
Analysis of root cause
Use cases
User stories
Tasks definition
Requirements specification
Metrics and key performance indicators
Project management and tracking management
Time management and self-management