About us

SoftGan has successfully launched and maintained many ICO projects for clients across the world. We provide full-cycle technical support for the ICO projects as well as the project development afterwards from smart contracts to native blockchain. Our team develops and executes technology and can adapt to the clients’ existing system with custom solutions that fit their business requirements.

Private BLOCKCHAIN development

Our extensive experience in blockchain projects helps to create the best solution for your business.

Smart contracts

Our Solidity team creates secure and optimized smart contracts for our clients’ project, whether they’re developing a DApp, exchange, game or a token. We provide our clients with’ smart contract audits including security testing, business logic review and gas usage optimization.

Centralize exchange

The SoftGan team is experienced and our blockchain developers can build clients a customizable and scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform with a high focus on security, connectivity, and a smooth working environment. We help our clients become a company that ensures digital asset revolution through Cryptocurrency Exchange Development.

Decentralize exchange

The crypto platform developed by SoftGan builds on a modular architecture with scaling options and full customization. We help our clients build a highly secure and scalable decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform compatible with all operating system environments and smartphones.

Development of Hyperledger projects

Hyperledger allows open source blockchain technology to build and run platforms that support global business transactions.


We develop high-secure wallets that allow our clients to make secure transactions which are highly invulnerable to any forks: hard fork or soft fork.


We write the clients’ whitepaper and help them navigate through the ICO / STO process, from a regulatory, technical standpoint, and Cryptocurrency and token economies.


SoftGan specialists’ technology stack and experience allows us to grant our clients a secure and technically successful ICO.
Frontend: Angular 5, React JS
Backend: Node JS, .NET, Golang, C, Solidity
Mobile: Swift, Java
Platforms: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar, Dash, Hyperledger