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Investment portfolio management

Neural networks can effectively solve development and risk strategies, make portfolios and predict long-term price movements. Analysis of social networks. In-depth learning algorithms can track trends, track people’s reactions to events and products, provide demographic data, and much more.

Analysis of moods in the news and events

After reviewing thousands of news events, press releases, reports, customer reviews, regulatory announcements, and economic and political headlines, neural networks can evaluate the polarity of events — positive, negative, or neutral — and provide market forecasts. Using sentiment analysis, AI can serve as an information noise detector to determine when markets are overreacting to news.

Check various sources

With image recognition and natural language processing, AI-based software can reliably analyze the position of objects, GPS tracking data, credit card history, mobile information and more to create a comprehensive picture of market trends.

Forecasting market time series is a wide area to which deep learning models and algorithms can be applied

Trading companies, banks, brokers and funds are currently experimenting with their deployment to analyze and forecast supply and demand for commodities, stock indices, exchange rates, futures, cryptocurrency quotes, and stock prices.

Risk management

Neural networks can find relationships between successful and non-successful events, for example, when granting a loan, you can create a forecast of the probability of its return.

Economic models

Mathematical modeling using neural networks can create models of the enterprise.